Man City refuse to loan Adam Johnson

News | | July 30, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Any hope which Everton may have had of bringing Adam Johnson to Goodison Park look to be over.

Press reports earlier today had linked us with a loan move for the Manchester City winger but Roberto Mancini insists Adam Johnson will not be allowed to leave the club.

“Adam Johnson, sure 100%,” replied Mancini when asked if the winger are important to the City first team.

When asked if he would allow Johnson to leave City, Mancini replied: “No.”

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  1. Calvinho says:

    What on earth, and I really mean this, made you think – for even one second – that Manchester City, a team Moyes has castigated for the past 18 months over the transfer of Lescott, would EVER lend him a player (especially an England international) just because you are too potless to be able to afford players ?

    In my opinion (and as a City fan I feel I can make this statement) our supporters would rather you went to the wall than lend you even the lowliest member of our reserve team whilst Moyes still holds the reins.

    Still, good luck for the season ahead, but not too much, eh (and I hope we somehow find a way to stop you getting your customary 6 points against us, as we seem to more or less guarantee your escape from the relegation dogfight each year)

    • toffee55 says:

      omg,where and who were man city when u didnt hav any money,mmmmmmmmm,let me think mmm,nothing
      u never even won anything now all of a sudden u try to call urself a great club,lol sure sure u will never hav as much succes,as everton or produce any local talent hope ur invester never leaves coarse u will just b poor man city again

    • blu says:

      Shame on you… Untrue Blue City fan
      Don't make everyone hate you lot an' all

    • ifitz says:

      Just coz youve got money now dosent make you a big club,we are bigger than you and always have been.We are the third most decorated team in this country and have won the league 9 times,6 more than chelsea,never mind your poxy efforts.David moyes is 10 times the manager of mancini too,we make do because we have no money which dosent bother us because we are the peoples club.Weve come in the top 6 the last 6 years bar one which is a testiment to moyes,your only were you are now because youve spent about 400 million you idiot,stop talking crap.

  2. Dave de dontdoe says:

    Why on God's green Earth would Man City ever loan a player to Everton???? Incredible!

    • PADWACK says:

      lambo i would just like to say city fans used to be a good lot .but money has gone to yer heads truth is you lot have got to big
      for yer boots you have a bunch of greedy footballers playing for your club who dont give a shite good luck finishing 6th behind EVERTON HAHA

      • tublu says:

        don't start throwing the bullshit about attendances around, what was your avg last year ? and what is the capacity ?

        • PADWACK says:


  3. Lambo says:

    Unbelievable. After moyes’ behaviour over the Lescott transfer, your average city fan wouldn’t give everton the steam off his/her piss.cheeky bastards I hope you o down.

  4. The Peoples Club says:

    We get 6 points because it is team spirit, we don't run on foreign OIL as Wenger puts it.
    Good luck for the season, I hope you win nothing.
    Keep watching the Reds of Manchester and there team spirit winning all before them.
    You are a small club with money and always remember that.
    Your players would come to us, because we are a big club with no money.
    If you want to play football come to EVERTON.
    Johnson is wasted looking at foreign (OIL) players from the bench.
    Young English lad wants to play football.
    Just a small point to Calvinho, (you from an oil state as well) we have been in Europe more times than you in the last 10 years.
    Relegation fight, MY ARSE.

    • mvm says:

      Do you only have team spirit against City or does your one or two shots per game against them always go in and you ride your luck? If you want to play football come to Everton? Jesus, your team is the most anti football team in the league! Awful to watch.

    • Mintballs says:

      Poor deluded fool, dementia is obviously clouding your judgement, remember when the rumours about some halfwit going to put money into everton you all thought your prayers had been answered and your owner welcomed it as did that moronic manager, ! but the chap looked at the talent there and said sod it, as for the small club remark we still get better crowds than you lot and stay in europe a lot longer not out in the 1st round, so go back to your shed in stanley park and learn some sense you before opening that big gob

    • Lambo says:

      “If you want to pay football” lol . Too much clogging to play football…

  5. Don't think so says:

    Not a hope in hell, move on and stop being ridiculous.

  6. the obvious says:

    Press make up a story. City fans get on their high horse. Still, idiots will do as idiots are.

    Six points again this season? Thanks in advance!

  7. COYB says:

    did you blurts know ETIHAD means United in arabic? Looking forward to spanking you shitbags yet again in the United Stadium, forever in their shadow…

    • tublu says:

      getting desperate when you start looking to other clubs for comfort. is it that bad now ?

    • tublu says:

      you speak fluent arabic ? or have you just been trawling trafford sites. That discussion was had a long time ago and you're a dim fek for regurgitating old stuff AND getting it wrong. why don't you put a bid in for AJ ? you must still have all the lescott money, you certainly haven't bought any players with it.

    • Mintballs says:

      Another imbecile with little more that shit for brains, the word means unity in arabic and is a generalization of the word unity but I am sure that with your limited intelligence you`ll never understand

    • DICKHEAD, IT MEANS union or alliance. DUH!!!!

    • Khabom says:

      We 'blurts' know our grammar. 'United' is an adjective, 'etihad' is a noun. It is not possible for an adjective to be translated as a noun or vice versa, in any language.

  8. Boris says:

    Etihad means 'Unity' you shitbag. Everton is Welsh for 'Mediochre'.

  9. Blue says:

    Everton: small club, small minded fans, going nowhere except down the divisions and down the financial toilet.

    Think of us as Golum does a runner next summer and each time you are relegated because we will spare 5 minutes of thought for you as we pee ourselves laughing.

    Oh, and Golum was right to ask for more than he got for Lescott – he's great and we got him on the cheap – cheers :D

  10. Mr smives says:

    City fans you can buy players but you cant buy team spirit or history. Would any of those players be there if the wages were 30k a week? We all know the answer, you are a plastic club and always will be.

  11. david moyes says:

    wouldnt it be good if shitys owners get bored of their toy and they go tits up with their ridiculous wage bill
    all them top players on 200k + per week up shit creek without a paddle blues will still beat them either way

  12. david moyes says:

    wouldnt it be good if shitys owners get bored of their toy and they go tits up with their ridiculous wage bill

  13. Pip says:

    Man City, 2 League Titles in 100 odd years, Everton 9, that makes Everton 4 and and a half times more successful than City, quite embarissing really and City must have been relegated at least 10 times since the last time Everton were and no doubt when the arabs get bored, that'll be 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, pathetic excuse for a football club, keep singing those munich songs you bitter bastards.

  14. Pip says:

    City 2 League Titles, Everton 9, thats all that needs to be said on the issue of the the size of these two clubs, no comparison what so ever!

  15. Coyb Dubai says:

    I speak fluent Arabic and i can assure you etihad means united!

    Possibly a rumour to make yourselves feel better by calling it unity- but it has nothing to do with it!

  16. Ant says:

    Everton a small club you lot are dick heads we're the 4th most successful side in England you tossers. Don't forget how shite you have been over the last 50 years until you got bought out. Moyes did fuck all wrong during the Lescott deal you fuckers just acted like you normally do showing disrespect for football and the managers of top clubs.

  17. Connjam says:

    You sure about that mate? 2nd half at goodison and 1st at cit last year were all over ya. 2 games home and away the season before we completely played you off the park. And awful to watch? I have a stack of city mates in work who’d come in on a monday morning slating Mancini for negative and clueless tactics saying theyre giving back their seasons tickets till you improve at home.

  18. Gareth Fieldstead says:

    Wow! I still remember all your faces celebrating like you had won the CL at Wembley in 99. You suddenly have a bit of money, off the backs of slave labour I may add, and you talk about us invoved in a relegation dogfight. Quick history lesson, Everton have played more of there football in the top flight than any other team plus we are the nations fourth most successful club. If UEFA do manage to bring about a fair play league and all teams are equal, ie what finances are raised has to be actually through the club and not benefactors do you honestly think you will keep any of those players on big wages? Tevez is desperate to leave now and look at the money he is on.


    Man CIty is a GREAT business. At the very same time Man CIty is an UTTERLY SHIT football club.

  20. BOB SADLER says:

    You city fans have big mouths,keep them shut.You are a nothing club without youre money,everton are far bigger,better history,bigger fan base,better football team,better manager.Youre manager is the biggest muppet in the premiership.COYB IMWT CITY ARE SHITE BYE.

  21. COYB says:

    City are shit, you'll never reach the heights of Everton just you wait then the arabs get bored. You're also living in the shadow of man united, a club in which you'll never be as good as. Ever.

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